What are the things at home that make you sick

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What are the things at home that make you sick

Usually, all through the day, we often come across various things that make us ill. If we consider broadly, we often think of our contact with door handles, money, paper, toilet seats, our mobile phones etc. These are the various ways which transfer the germs and bacteria to our body. However, there are few unusual things present in our home that make us fall sick. Much to our surprise, our bedsheets, air condition, vacuum cleaner etc. are some of the products that impact the overall health of the body. These things are the breeding ground for multiple germs and bacteria which makes us fall sick. We often consider our home as the safest place, however, if not taken proper care these things present at home make us sick. (Also read: What are the toxic things one use everyday)

What are the things at home that make you sick?

Bed sheets: We all love to spend time on our beds. However, the bedsheets which seem to be clean are actually the hay place for germs and bacteria. The dust particles which are hardly visible make us easily catch infections like common cold, skin allergies, eye infection etc. Thus, one should change the bedsheet on daily basis and ensure proper cleaning using an antibacterial detergent.

Blenders: We often use blenders in the kitchen to prepare some dish or the healthy smoothie. However, this blender is actually making you fall ill. People do not often clean the blender properly which lets the germs like Salmonella and E.coli bacteria to gather inside the blender or its bottom. Thus, make sure you wash the blender properly before and after using it. (Also read: What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes)

Cleaning agents at home: We often feel happy after using various cleaning products at home. However, these cleaning agents and products are making us fall ill. These cleansing agents contain various chemicals which can lead to cold infection, skin disease and irritation in the eyes. Thus, one should use gloves while cleaning the home. Besides this, make sure you open the window and wash off your hands properly after using them.

The heating and cooling system of your home: Our body becomes habitual to the temperature of our room. If it’s too cold outside, we often switch on our heaters and feel the warmth. However, the exposure of the body to the contrary temperature outside leads to various infections in like cold, cough, flu etc. Besides this, these heating and cooling devices often snatch out the natural oil from the skin making our skin dull and dry. Even our eyes also dry out.

Shower caps: Most of us use shower caps while bathing. The exposure of these shower caps with water often leads to the accumulation of germs and bacteria inside it. As we do not give it enough time to dry out, it becomes a breeding place for germs. This causes skin allergies, breathing issues, fatigue etc. in the body. A bacteria known as Mycobacterium avium sprouts up when the shower cap is damp. This is quite a harmful bacteria which harms us a lot.(Also read: Reasons why does human body need to sweat more)

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