What Are The Strange Things That Damage Your Immune System

What Are The Surprising Things Damage Your Immune System

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Protecting our body does not only mean fighting against various infections. The real protection is undertaking health things which make our immune system better. If your immunity is low, no matter how hard you try to cover yourself externally, you will be affected by the bacteria and viruses. But, you may not know, there are many ways you damage your immune system without even knowing. Some of the strange things that can wreck your system are listed below.  (Also Read: What Is Auto Immune Disease and Know About It In Detail)

Not sleeping enough:
If you are having trouble sleeping at night, your immune system will start losing its power. Do you remember, the time you were in school and used to study for the entire night and in next few days you suffer from health issues? It is an example which says if you are a night owl, your immune system is very low. Also, at night our body reduces the amount of flu-fighting antibodies in the blood if you stay awake. That is why you fall sick.

Excessive stress:
If you are having chronic stress and frustration for quite a times, it can wreck your immunity gradually. Job insecurity, work pressure, family disputes, monetary conditions etc. are the most common causes that affect your immune system. When we are under stress the bad hormones usually minimises the good effects of our immune system which apparently make us suffer from many health problems. So, when stress occurs, meditate and try to relax your mind. (Also Read: What Are The Regular Habits That Harm Your Immune System)

Exchanging products with others:
The most relevant example which goes at this point is, using someone else’s pen to write. Cold and flu germs are easily transmitted by hand-to-hand contact. So, when you borrow a pen from others, it may transfer the virus from their hand to yours. Our hands contain most of the virus and bacteria as we sneeze and cough by covering our mouth. That is why using someone else’s products can transfer the germs from their body and damage your immunity power.

Very less physical activities:
You know the importance of physical activities in our life. However, very few of us get involved in the physical workout. Some people even drive to reach to the nearest park inside their residential society. Else, you never climb stairs if you see an elevator to reach. LAck of physical activities often make a person fall sick. This damages your immune system very quickly. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Your Body Is Retaining Excessive Fluid)

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