What Are The Signs Which Indicate Protein Deficiency In The Body

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signs related to the deficiency of protein in the body

Protein is a series of amino acids which is very useful for our muscles and health. It is an essential element for each cell of the body. Our body uses proteins to make cells and strengthen muscles. Protein intake also keeps you fit. If there is a deficiency of protein in your body then there are certain symptoms which indicate that. (Also read: How Fingernails Tell About Your Bad Health)

Let’s know about these symptoms.

Muscle weakness:

Protein works as a fuel for your muscles. Therefore, due to the deficiency of protein in the body, the muscles get affected first and the muscles begin to feel pain. If there is a pain in your muscles then be sure that this is the clear indication of protein deficiency.

Hair fall

Carotene useful for hair health is obtained by the protein itself. Therefore, deficiency of the protein leads to hair loss. Unusual loss of hair may indicate a lack of protein in the body. (Also read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Calcium Deficiency In Body)

Too much desire to eat something

If you have a desire to eat something special every day, then this may also be a sign of protein deficiency in the body. Because protein deficiency leads to accumulation of carbohydrate and fat in the body, which also increases the level of blood sugar to increase appetite. Therefore, excessive eating may indicate a lack of protein in you.

Decrease immunity

Protein deficiency in your diet can weaken your immune system. Due to which diseases like colds, colds, fever are very fast.

Poor nails

Protein cells in the body are helpful in the formation and reproduction of nails. Therefore, rupture of nails can be a sign of lack of protein. (Also read: Your face reveals all about your health problems)

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