What are the signs that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress

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What are the signs that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress

The way a bad coffee can completely ruin your morning, in the same way, a bad mattress can spoil your sleeping cycle. It not only impacts your sleep, it also has an impact on your spine, neck, waist etc. It can lead to pain in the respective body parts. If you find that you are constantly complaining about the neck pain, waist ache or lack of proper sleep, then the fault might be in your mattress. It is important to be careful with your mattress as it might affect your body in the worst possible way. (Also read: Why do you want to pee all the time)

Nasal blockage
Whenever you wake up if you face a nasal blockage then it is not a good sign. It happens due to the presence of dust and dirt in the mattress. When your mattress is not replaced for years then dirt, dust, bacterias and other microbes start accumulating in it. It increases the possibility of catching a disease. So, it is a sign that you should change the mattress.

Waist ache
There are many possible causes for the waist ache, like heavy exercising or some injury but not many people know that it can be due to using a low quality of the mattress. A low-quality mattress doesn’t provide enough support to your waist. That leads to strain on the waist.(Also read: What are the various habits that are making you age faster)

Skin problems
When you sleeping routine is not working out well, it leads to skin problems. It increases the cortisol level in the body that leads to wrinkles, skin dullness and eczema. So, if you feel uncomfortable with your mattress, maybe it is time to change.

People who fail to complete their sleeping routine and stay up all night due to an uncomfortable mattress have various problems. You feel the lack of energy and you start eating more.

Lowers your libido
When you spend a restless night due to your mattress, you feel a lack of libido. It  lowers the testosterone level in men.(Also read: Foods that you think are unhealthy but are actually good for you)

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