What are the signs that you are drinking contaminated water

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What are the signs that you are drinking contaminated water

Drinking contaminated water is quite unhealthy for the body. Drinking such contaminated water might lead to many health issues. However, we can boil the contaminated water and add bleaching powder to it. But sometimes, it is hard to know whether the water is safe to drink or not. Drinking water is contaminated by harmful ingredients like lead, mercury etc. It may lead to serious problems like typhoid, diarrhoea, jaundice, dysentery etc. Therefore, it is necessary to drink clean and hygienic water. Let’s discuss some of the signs that show you are drinking contaminated water. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of eating dalia with milk)

What are the signs that you are drinking contaminated water?

A smell of chlorine: If you can sense the smell of chlorine in the water then that water is not fit for consumption. Though chlorine is used to clean the water, it affects your intestines and also leads to many life-threatening diseases. Thus, very little amount of chlorine should be added to water in order to clean it. If you can smell chlorine from the water then do not drink it.

A smell of sulfur: The contamination of water can be sensed by smelling it. The groundwater contains sulfur. Though a little amount of sulfur is not harmful to the body, an excess of it might lead to the problem of intestines and cause dehydration etc. Thus, do not drink water which contains excess sulfur. (Also read: What are the different sleeping positions to sleep in)

Change in the colour of utensils: If you use the same water to clean your utensils, the one you use for drinking and you notice the change in the colour of utensils, then it is contaminated water. This water contains a rich amount of iron which leads to oxidization of silver. It eventually changes the colour of the utensils. One must drink water which has a little amount of iron, not in excess.

Coloured drops on the surface of the water: The coloured drops in the water depicts the layer of oil in the water. The oil does not get dissolved in water. As it is lighter in weight than water, it forms the drops on the surface of the water. Such water is extremely harmful for the consumption. Try not to drink this water.

Signs that body show: Stomachache, loose motions etc. are the signs which show that the water is contaminated. In such a condition, make sure you get your water tested and adopt a healthy means to make it clean. (Also read: How does coffee help you to poop daily)

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