What are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins

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What are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins

Proteins are an important part of your diet. It helps to repair the muscles, boosting the immunity etc. The proteins are made of amino acid that is important for your tissues, building the blood cells, hair skin and nails. Other than that proteins also helps to produce the enzymes and hormones. However, if you start consuming too many proteins then its harmful effects reflect on the body. Ideally one should consume 50 to 75g of proteins every day, consuming more than the need amount can be harmful to your body. Your body shows some signs if you are consuming more proteins than needed. So, let’s find out what are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins.  (Also read: What happens to your body once you quit smoking)

Excessive weight gain
When you consume more than required quantity of the proteins, then the first visible sign is weight gain. Too much consumption of protein regularly hampers the body’s ability to metabolise glucose properly. This leads to weight gain.

When you consume too much protein then the kidney start producing blood urea nitrogen. When uses more water to remove the toxic elements from the body. Which in turn leads to the problem of dehydration. (Also read: Which everyday things are dirtier than a toilet seat)

Decrease in body’s temperature
When you consume too much protein then it impacts your liver. Especially, when you increase the protein intake all at once. When you have too much protein in your body, then the liver needs to maintain the balance of nitrogen as well as change the protein to the amino acid. This means extra work for the liver. It turns the body acidic and lowers the temperature.

Lack of nutrients
When you are just focusing on the protein, chances are you might be missing out on other nutrients. This is harmful to the body, as the body needs all the nutrients in balance to stay fit and healthy.

Kidney problems
When you consume too many proteins then your kidney needs to work more. The kidney needs to work extra to remove the toxins when you have too many proteins. It puts extra pressure on kidney and leads to problems in its functioning. (Also read: What are the side effects of using coconut oil)

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