What are the signs that suggest our body needs help

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What are the signs that suggest our body needs help

Our body consists of various systems and different functioning. Any disturbance in any of the part or the functioning of the body disturbs the overall balance. However, our body is capable enough to showcase or highlight the trouble it is undergoing. Human body gives various hints that one must read carefully in order to know what’s wrong and how can it be dealt with. Thus, if our body is showing some weird changes, we must not ignore them, instead pay heed and look for a better solution. Every human body is different in its own way and has a unique way to suggest the disturbance in the natural process. But, in a broader aspect, usually, there are some common signs which suggest the most common problems of the body. So better help your body now, than never! (Also read: What are the various food items we should avoid eating during winters)

What are the signs that suggest our body needs help?

Prolonged dry patches on skin:
What are the signs that suggest our body needs help

Do you ever face so much dryness on your skin even after applying tons of moisturiser? Well, you need to get your vitamin E-check up done. If our body remains consistently dry, it usually suggests a deficiency of vitamin E. Lack f vitamin E makes the skin dry, patchy, flaky and itchy. Try to eat a handful of nuts including almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts every day. Besides this, eat spinach, sweet potato, fish oil, olive oil, etc.

Lack of sleep and extreme cramps:
What are the signs that suggest our body needs help
Persistent lack of sleep and pain in the muscles suggests something serious. Magnesium is basically responsible for all this. Our brain, heart and muscles need Magnesium in a great amount to ensure the smooth functioning of the body. You must consult your doctor and follow the prescribed diet. However, you should start including more of green leafy vegetables, fruits especially banana, nuts etc. in your daily diet. (Also read: Why do we need sunlight in order to stay fit and healthy)

Craving to eat ice: If you crave to eat ice cubes, your body suggests lack of iron. Deficiency of iron can make you anaemic and will trouble your body in multiple ways. Thus, to ensure proper functioning of the body, you must eat eggs, lentils, nuts, spinach, green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Sweet tooth: Usually when we are depressed or stressed out, we often long to eat sweets. The urge of the body to eat something sweet means the body is demanding glucose. Well, it in a way asking for energy. So instead of eating calorie-rich sweets, you must switch to dark chocolates or eat a spoonful of honey. You can also bite into your favourite fruit as they have natural sugar which is not harmful to the body.

Hairfall and chipping of nails: Our nails and hair too suggest a lot about our overall health. Chipping and breaking of nails time and again suggests lack of vitamin B. Besides this, too much hair fall also suggests lack of vitamin B in the body. One should eat vitamin B rich food. Drink as much as milk as you can, meat, fish, eggs, soy products to bless your body with sufficient vitamin B.

Bleeding of gums: Excessive bleeding of gums on daily basis suggests lack of vitamin C in the body. It makes your jaws and gums weak. Thus, one should eat a diet rich in vitamin C. Eat more of citrus fruits. tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, etc. (Also read: How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner)

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