What are the signs that reveal that your liver needs to detoxify

what are the signs that reveal that your liver needs a detoxify

Our body has a selfing-cleaning process but sometimes the toxins get stuck in our body needs a helping hand. The toxics find a way in our body due to pollution, pesticides and fluoridated water. Majority of people believe that our detoxifying organs are kidney, skin and liver. However, the liver needs detoxification as well as it plays a  vital role in the body. It converts the nutrients from food into materials that the body can use. Moreover, it regulates hormones and converts or excretes toxic substances so they don’t cause harm to our body. (Also read: What are the health benefits of eating strawberries during winters)

Here are the sings that your liver need detoxification:

Bloating or Abdominal Discomfort

If you face pain in the lower abdomen and bloating, then it can be a sign of liver problems. These problems occur due to ascites – a build-up of fluid between the lining of the abdomen and the organs. The large amounts of fluid can cause discomfort, pain and even shortness of breath.

Skin Changes

If your liver not releasing toxins properly from the body your skin turns to the yellow hue, itchy or dark patches. This could be the warning signs.

Urine and Stool Changes

If your liver is going through any problem then your urine colour become dark and stool turns in pale or tar colour. If you have the same symptoms then visit to doctor. (Also read: What Are The Food Items Which You Should Never Combine With Milk)


If your body working hard to remove excess toxins from your body then tiredness is an early sign of a liver problem.

Confusion or Cognitive Problems

If you are facing problems in remembering things and making decisions then it may be due to a liver problem. Such problem occurs when the liver can not able to filter blood normally, toxins build up and they make their way to the brain.

Mood Swings or Depression

If you are feeling anxious, angry or even depressed it may be due to the poor health of your liver. The toxics in the liver often make a way to the brain. It does not only affect your memory but also affect your mood.

Weight Gain or Inability to Lose Weight

Your body will not able to metabolize fat due to the poor health of the liver. Due to the poor health of the liver, you won’t be able lose weight or even gain fat especially around the abdomen.

High Cholesterol

The poor health condition of the liver may also imbalance cholesterol balance as due to its inability to regulate fats in this condition.

Digestive Problems

The healthy liver produces bile-a bitter alkaline fluid which helps digestion. The poor health of liver produces less bile which creates a problem in digestion. The less production of bile may cause constipation and diarrhoea.

Hormonal Imbalances

The liver plays a vital role in regulating sex hormones. The poor health of the liver leads to an imbalance of the hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

How to detoxify liver?

  • Ditch the sodas, candy
  • Cut out trans-fats and cooking oils like corn, sunflower and safflower
  • Skip the alcohol too as it will only cause stress
  • Opt for organic produce wherever possible
  • Clean up your personal care products
  • Clean up your diet – foods to eat (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism)
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