What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly

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What Are The Signs Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Well

Our heart is the main part of our body after the brain. So, heart issues can be tricky and life-threatening. But there are many things our heart do which are not risky but can become an issue if you do not notice them and if they have been present in your respiratory system. For example nasal issues. We do not take nasal issues seriously. But there are plenty of cases where nasal issue leads to heart problems gradually. Hence, you should be aware of the signs which your heart is showing you and telling you about the state of your health. So, let us have a look at those signs. Hope this helps. (Also Read: What Are The Essential Foods You Should Eat During This Winter)

You may think that chest pain can only lead you to heart attack like the filmy style. But no! A person can have chest pain due to various heart-related issues. If someone is having cardiovascular diseases then chest pain would be the primary symptom. Our heart is very sensitive. The right ways of heartbeat are keeping us alive. But chest pain is not right if your cardio system is working well. Maybe this is the time one should consult a doctor.

Breathing problems:
Do you feel breathless after climbing stairs? Be alert! This may be a sign your heart is showing to you. Maybe the time has arrived when you have to stop smoking. It can be other issues as well. If suddenly you feel that your breathing is getting shorter day by day you have to be a little worried this time. Moreover, if you feel that there are a shortness of your breathing while you sleep, be sure that your heart is responsible for it. (Also Read: What Happens When You Wear Sneakers Without Socks)

Feeling lightheaded:
Feeling woozy suddenly? This can be a sign of having a blockage or valve-related issue, especially if it is arriving with the feeling of heart fluttering. Just notice one thing, when you stand up, your head is feeling light or not. If you feel so, you may be at risk.

Yes! Fatigue:
This problem generally happens to ladies. Many women surprisingly feel tired before a week of getting a heart attack or so. Not only this, heart-related problems also come up if there are sleep disturbances. It is natural that if you have sleeping disorders your entire day would be tiring and full of fatigue.

Tips: Though these above-mentioned pointers are not too serious, but these issues can turn into a life-threatening situation if you do not treat the problems. If anyone is having these problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Foot Massage)

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