What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body

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What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body

The outer coating of blood over a wound is necessary to stop the rapid flow of the blood from the body. However, if this blood clot is formed inside the body at any part, it is troublesome. It happens when the blood is too thick or the flow of blood is too slow. Thus, the blood cells accumulate at one place and cause a clot. One must try to get rid of the clot as soon as possible. Besides this, it is a noticeable thing, that these blood clots not only occur to an elder person but can happen to any person irrespective of the age. (Also read: What are the foods one should eat to prevent stretch marks)

What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body?

Leg pain: The lack of proper blood circulation in the body leads to cramps and pains. When we live a sedentary life, we often come across the problem of improper blood circulation. If there is a blood clot in the legs, arms, high area or any other part, there is an instant critical pain as well. One can feel the lack of proper blood supply in the body. It is also shocking to know, that the blood clot can move from its position to upper part of the body and can put our lives in danger too.

Redness in particular body parts: If a particular part of your body is red or tender, it may suggest the presence of blood clot in that part. Due to the lack of blood supply to that particular area, the part leads to impairment. Besides this, that particular part of the body becomes warm to touch. (Also read: What are the various reasons for pain in your lower back)

Shortness of breath: When there is a clot in your body, it often leads to the shortness of breath as well. It may replace itself to the lungs and may make it difficult for you to breath. This is known as pulmonary embolism and has to be tackled as soon as possible.

Swelling in the body parts: Swelling is another major sign of blood clot in the body. Besides leg pain and tenderness in the particular part of the body, swelling also suggests blood clots. Swollen feet, ankles, arms, legs etc. also symbolises the lack of circulation in the body. Besides this, an excess of fluids in the body it also causes swelling. So consult your doctor before reaching any conclusion.

Chest pain: Chest pain is also an indicator of a blood clot in the body. Your chest undergoes an excruciating pain when there is an insufficient supply of blood to the heart. There could be many reasons for chest pain like gastric pain, excess workout etc. It’s better to be sure about it! (Also read: What are the major causes of bad breath)

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