What are the side effects of eating outside too often

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What are the side effects of eating outside too much

If you are planning to have a dinner outside with your friends today, then it is better that you should cancel your plans. This is for your own health. You might not be aware of the fact, but eating outside on regular basis can really be problematic for you. It boosts the production of a chemical called phthalates in the body and harms your health in the worst way possible. It also disturbs the natural hormonal balance and impacts your overall health. Besides this, there are many more factors which suggest that one should not eat out frequently or on regular basis. Let’s discuss why eating outside too much is not a healthy choice. (Also read: Which foods one must avoid eating during the summer season)

What are the side effects of eating outside too much?

Less hygienic: If you like to eat outside then you must be knowing that the food outside is not hygienic enough. It does not match up the hygiene of the food you eat at home. Eventually eating outside too much can lead to the problem of food poisoning.

Too much sugar and salt: Whatever food you consume outside have excess salt and sugar in it. It harms your health in the worst way possible. Sodium or sugar are high in amount while preparing the sauce, sugar coating, salad topping etc. In such situation, you consume more sugar or salt than the required amount. (Also read: How does excess sugar harm our body)

Fat and calories: The food which is prepared and cooked in restaurants contain oil which has a high amount of fats and calories. Thus, there is no track of how much fat and calories you have consumed in a day. Eventually, you tend to gain weight.

Serving plate is not at all clean: You can not be sure that the plate you are using is completely clean and hygienic to eat in. Restaurants often do not clean the eating plates properly. Therefore, the bacteria and germs reside in the plates and you tend to fall ill.

You eat more when you eat outside: You often forget that you are following a diet and tend to eat too much while you dine outside. This eventually leads to weight gain and causes bloating, gastric problem etc. (Also read: What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning)

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