What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Ice Cold Water

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What Are The Side Effcets Of Drinking Ice Cold Water

Who does not love a glass of cold water during summer? This refreshing drink can beat the thirst, ease the body heat and remove tiredness. During summers people just love ice cold water. But do you know what this refreshing drink has a lot of side effects? It does not just make your throat sick it makes you suffer from many health problems too. That is why our parents advised us to mix the cold and normal water and then drink it. Hence, have a look at the following and know about the health benefits of ice cold water. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Digestive Biscuits)

Respiration problems:
If you drink ice cold water regularly, you may face respiratory problems which can cause your nose be blocked. Also, it creates many other breathing issues which need to be treated. When you drink anything warm like warm water and soup, it helps you to make your respiratory passage open and work better. But, rather than drinking these, if you drink cold water every day, you may feel problems in your body.

It triggers a migraine:
If you have a migraine or serious sinus infection, you should not drink ice water regularly. In fact, drinking this once in a month also can cause you harm if you have such problems. When you drink cold water, it makes your nasal and respiratory passage blocked which automatically trigger migraine pain. (Also Read: Some Surprising Sources Of Nutrients You May Not Know)

It restricts nutrients to work in our body:
The human body holds 37 degrees of temperature usually if you think of average temperature. So, when you drink water less than this temperature, your body needs more energy to regulate this temperature. Furthermore, if you drink ice water while consuming any meal, Your body starts working towards regulating the water. But the body can not work on the nutrients as it has wasted its energy to regulate the water.

It reduces the heart rate:
When you drink ice cold water, it makes your vegas nerves get excited. When the vegas nerves get excited and super active, it makes you hear rate run faster which can be harmful to your health. (Also Read: What Are The Causes Of Hot Flashes Except Menopause)

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