What are the side effects of drinking excess water

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What are the side effects of drinking excess water

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Excess of everything is bad thus one should not even consume an excess of water. Though water has immense benefits yet excess consumption of water can lead to various side effects. It’s quite shocking to know that water which is believed to be one solution for many problems can also lead to various problems. According to the research done by the scientist over consumption of water can lead to death as well. Keeping the body well hydrated is a good sign. But over hydration of can cause fatal diseases in the body. Excess water can lead to potassium loss in the body, an excess of urination, headache, swelling of muscles etc. (Also read: Why do you feel thirsty all the time)

Here are some of the major side effects of drinking excess water:

Affects the heart: Excess water consumption leads to unavoidable pressure on the blood vessels in the heart. As the heart is responsible for pumping blood, excess water increases the volume of the blood in the vessels. It becomes difficult for the heart to carry such pressure.

Makes the cells swollen: Excess water consumption dilutes the blood. Thus the proportion of electrolytes in the blood reduces in comparison to a number of electrolytes in the cells. Therefore the water flows into the cell to balance out the concentration of electrolytes. Thus it eventually leads to swelling of cells which become dangerous for the body. (Also read: What Are The Foods Responsible To Make You Look Aged)

Reduces potassium content: Potassium is one of an essential nutrient of the body. Lack of potassium can lead to problems like chest pain, leg pain and causes irritation. Excess water consumption washes off the potassium present in the body. Thus, over hydration becomes harmful.

Leads to Hyponatremia: Sodium helps in the functioning and operations of the body. When we consume excess water the level of sodium declines in the body. Thus the electrolytes in the blood do not send the signals to the cells. This may lead to Hyponatremia. This occurs due to the lack of sodium in the body. If the sodium level is below 135mm per litre then it leads to swelling of cells. It may lead to problems like vomiting, nausea, headache, excess urination etc. It may lead to death as well.

Excess of urination: Drinking too much water leads to excess urination. It disturbs the balance of electrolytes in the body and thus it ultimately leads to various problems. (Also read: What Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot)

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