What Are The Side Effect Of Burning Incense Sticks

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What Are The Side Effect Of Burning Incense Sticks

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Incense stick is something every Indian house hold is keeping to worship the God. There may be very few houses in India who do not use Incense sticks or Agarbatti to their house temple or in front of the basil tree. Not only this, many people use this just to kill the bad odour present in the room or to make a peaceful atmosphere to begin a meditation. There are many ways people use incense sticks without knowing its side effects to the human bodies. It has a nice smell but using too much incense sticks is not beneficial for health. Hence, here are some of the reasons we are sharing with you to not using incense sticks much. Basically, the side effects of incense sticks. (Also Read: Tips for staying happy and healthy as you age)

Provide toxic to the cells:
The burning incense sticks produce a lot of pollutants and harmful chemicals in the air. So that this directly hit your cells and make them toxic gradually. These air pollutants and chemicals are so harmful that they are able to change the genetic material like DNA. Without your concern, this can leads to mutations. These mutants are responsible to develop different types of cancers.

Affects the respiration:
You may have noticed that many people start sneezing or coughing when there is any incense burning happens. This happens because an incense stick is capable enough to irritate your respiratory system. There are many types of incense sticks available in the market which contain more toxins for the lungs than the cigarette smoke due to the higher amounts of particulate matter. (Also Read: Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health)

Various skin problems:
If you have a tendency to get allergies from dust or smoke, there will be chances that incense sticks effect you badly. The pollutant which is there in the incense sticks help other allergens produced in your skin and body. These allergens come from heightening the levels of blood immunoglobulin E. This is an antibody produced by our body in response to allergens.

Cause of a headache:
When an incense stick burns the carbon monoxide increases in the air. Doctors say that the exposure to the low concentrations can cause very bad headaches, dizziness, nausea, other discomforts. There are many people who feel uncomfortable inside the temple just because of the excessive smoke of incense burning. (Also Read: What Are The Foods Responsible To Make You Look Aged)

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