What are the shocking side effects of mushrooms

What are the shocking side effects of mushrooms

Mushrooms are quickly taking over the food industry as they are different and exotic. People find the taste and texture of the mushrooms very appealing. That is why they are usually added to the pizza, salads and wraps everywhere. People often boast of the health benefits of the mushrooms. However, eat food item has side effects if not eaten right or if it is eaten too much. So, it is important that know what are the possible side effects of mushrooms so that you can eat them in a right way or in the right amount. Let’s find out more about it! (Also read: What are the health benefits of gelatin)

Allergic Reaction
There are many people who face many problems caused by mould allergies. This allergy is often triggered by the mushroom. In some cases the allergic reaction is extreme. The allergic reaction includes respiratory infection, lung problem or breathing difficulties. So, if you experience the same while having mushrooms, stay away from them.

Can be fatal
When you are picking raw mushrooms, it is important to know that some mushroom can actually be poisonous. If you consume them then there is a chance that it can be life-threatening to you. So, make sure you buy mushrooms from a trustworthy place.

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Food poisoning
When the mushrooms are produced in a commercial way then there is a chance that they might be laced with Campylobacter jejuni. It is a bacterium that can lead to bacterial contamination. That means it can lead to food poisoning. The signs of it include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal cramping.

Due to the presence of amino acid tryptophan in mushrooms, it leads to fatigue and tiredness.

According to a study many people have spoken of hallucination caused by the mushrooms. It leads to an altered stated of reality and as a result, it causes too many problems. So, if you have this experience then you must not indulge in having mushrooms.

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