Diwali 2017: What Are The Safety Tips We Should Maintain During Diwali

Diwali 2017: What Are The Safety Tips We Should Maintain During Diwali

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The festival of lights id just two days away. But the celebration has already begun and we are sure that you have already bought various lights, candles, Diyas and obviously crackers. The long wait for almost a year is about to end and we are here to help you make your festival more colourful and joyance. As this festival is full of lights, fire and electricity, your safety comes first. From choosing the fabric of your clothes to your house decoration, everything should be under your observation so that there would be no chances of having any goof ups or any types of accidents. Hence, we are sharing some extremely beneficial tips which you should follow and enjoy your Diwali 2017. (Also Read: Diwali 2017: How to protect yourself from air pollution during Deepawali festival)

Your Clothes matter:
Diwali without crackers is incomplete. Every small child to adult enjoys bursting cracker during this time. But the riskiest part of bursting crackers is wearing silk or chiffon clothes. These types of cloth materials catch fire easily. A small particle of burning cracker can lit a fire and create a mishap. That is why everyone should wear cotton clothes during this time.

Crackers quality:
While buying crackers you should be aware of the brand. The fact is if you buy firecrackers from your local market, you should know who are the bestsellers of that particular area. If the quality of the crackers is not good then there are chances of having explosions from every small sparkle. Make your and your child’s life safe and buy good quality crackers. (Also Read: Diwali 2017: How To Protect Your Eyes From Pollution During Diwali)

Area of bursting crackers:
This is a very important point and you should be well aware of not bursting crackers in a closed area. This may lead to a massive accident in case of a fire break out.

Discarding used fireworks:
Always keep a bucket of water near the area of bursting crackers. You should always discard the used crackers by the water only. There are chances of catching fire through them again. This is applicable to the sparklers (Phuljhari) too. This should not be missed.

Candle and Diya safety:
It is obvious that you will decorate your house and workstation with Diyas and candles. But, you should well aware that where are you placing those Diyas. They should not be placed near curtain or clothes. Your decoration should be also safe and make your children stay away from the candle lightings and Diyas. Wish you a very happy Diwali!(Also Read: Diwali 2017: Do’s and don’ts in case of hand burn while bursting crackers)

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