What are the reasons behind muscle strains

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What are the reasons behind muscle strains

Almost everyone is troubled by muscle strain as it is a very common problem among people. The muscle strain is very painful and occurs due to muscle contraction. Although it can occur in any muscle group of the body. But usually, the people face muscle strain in the calf muscles because most of the body’s energy is used in this muscle. It is easy to realise when your muscles are stretching, but very few people know about the reason behind it. Stretching your muscles can affect your daily routine work like walking and others. (Also read: What are the health benefits of consuming Shilajit)

What are the reasons behind muscle strains?

Due to insufficient blood supply
This is a possible cause of muscle strain. This means that you are not getting enough blood flow to the feet and hands. The reason behind this is that your arteries are contracted. This is one of the reasons for the stretching of muscles in the whole body.

Staying in a single posture for a long time
Sitting in the same posture for a long time also causes muscle strain. Continuous sitting causes the muscles break down and due to this breakdown, lactic acid begins to form and the strain of muscles and cramps increases. (Also read: What are the mistakes one should avoid doing after reaching 30’s)

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause muscular tension and cramping. These cramps are usually in the area of the calf or leg during the second and third trimester. It mostly occurs at night.

Dehydration cause imbalance to the signals and ions of the body. So at this time, the body does not know the signals are coming from the brain. With this problem, the muscles have difficulty in processing correct signals and this causes muscle tension as well as cramps. (Also read: How does the belly button help to cure various types of ailments)

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