What are the reasons behind a swollen or puffy face

What are the reasons behind a swollen or puffy face

Your face is the first thing that people notice. However, sometimes the same face can turn into a cause of worry. One of such problems is the condition of a swollen face. Many times it happens that you wake up with puffiness in your face. There are plenty of reasons for the same. Sometimes the reason behind your swollen face is much deeper than just the looks. Therefore it is extremely important to know what are the possible causes of a swollen face. So, without further ado let’s find out what are the causes of a swollen face! (Also read: What things you must never do after eating)

Allergic reaction
The body’s immune system is responsible for protecting it. However, sometimes it reacts in an over eager manner, this is called an allergic reaction. The triggers of an allergic reaction are different for everyone. So, your swollen face can be due to allergic reaction towards something.

Abscessed tooth
If the swelling is mostly towards the side of your jaw and it is accompanied with a toothache then it can be a dental issue. A cavity problem or chipped tooth can lead to bacterial growth. This, in turn, cause infection and leads to swelling around the tooth and gums. It ultimately reflects on your face.  (Also read: What are the essential nutrients to grow taller)

When you gain weight, it reflects on all parts of the body including your face. If your face appears swollen and at the same time you are gaining weight then it is simply obesity.

The sinusitis infection is a bacterial infection. It occurs in air-filled spaces in your bones and around the nose. This infection leads to inflammation of mucous membrane. This doesn’t cause extreme swelling but gentle swelling in the areas of cheekbones and eyes.

Side effects of medication
When you start consuming medicines to fight any illness, it is possible that it might lead to some side effects. One of such side effects is swelling of the face. So if you notice the facial swelling right after starting a medicine course. Talk to your doctor about the same. (Also read: What are the things you need to cut from your life for better health)

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