What are the reasons behind swelling of fingers

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reason behind swelling fingers

There are many reasons behind swelling in the fingers. Due to changes in lifestyle or due to some illness, there is a problem of swelling in fingers. This swelling may reduce automatically after some time but it causes discomfort. There are many symptoms of swelling in the fingers such as redness on the skin, pain in the fingers or numbness of hands. If your fingers are always swollen then you need to be alert, otherwise, it can be harmful. If there is a pain in the hands due to swelling and it can affect your work. (Also read: What Are The Causes Of Acid Reflux)

So it is necessary to know the reason behind swelling in the fingers.

Hot temperature
When the weather gets warmer or your body temperature increases, it also increases the pressure on the blood vessels. Due to the increase of blood vessels, their fluid can leak into soft tissue, which increases the swelling of your fingers. Although this is not a big problem, if it lasts longer, one must definitely contact the doctor.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that causes joint pain. The cartilage found in the middle of the joints works as a support of the bones. The cartilage gradually dilutes, due to Osteoarthritis. It eventually leads to make the bones collide and leads to the problems like swelling and pain. (Also read: Amazing tips to keep the teeth healthy)

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Swelling of hands or fingers is not the just the symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is quite possible. It is a syndrome in which there is pressure on the middle nerves, which increases the likelihood of getting a carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of this, there is a problem like swelling, pain, or numbness in fingers.

Excess consumption of sodium
Due to the increase in the amount of sodium in the body, the fingers get swollen or due to excessive water in the body, there is also swelling in the fingers and hands. The consumption of pancakes, salt foods, chips, or even sauces increases the amount of sodium in the body. (Also read: What are the health benefits of mineral water)

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