What are the probable side effects of consuming fewer calories

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What are the probable side effects of consuming less calories

Whenever a person plans to lose weight, he/she eventually cut downs the calorie intake. People give up their consumption of high-calorie diet and start relying on the low-calorie diet. It is true that if you want to lose weight, you must cut down the calorie consumption as well. It is good to restrict the consumption of calorie but to decline the consumption to the minimum level and harm your body is a bad thing. As a result, strikes back the metabolic rate of the body and you feel tired throughout the day. There is a constant feeling of fatigue in the body and it becomes difficult to carry out day to day activity. Thus, consumption of calories less than the required amount is actually harmful to the body. (Also read: What are the various side effects of using an antibacterial soap on the skin)

What are the probable side effects of consuming fewer calories?

Reduces the metabolic rate: If we consume fewer calories, the metabolic rate of our body declines. According to a study, when we take low-calorie diet, there is a decline in the calorie burning rate as well. It comes down to 23%. Thus, the metabolism of the body also gets impacted a lot.

Lack of nutrition: There is a rapid decline in the nutrition level of the body when we consume fewer calories. When we consume few calories than the required amount, we eat less. It eventually impacts the vitamins and minerals count in the body. Thus, you might face a lot of health issues as well. (Also read: Why and how often one should change a shaving razor)

Makes the bones weak: If you consume calories in a restricted amount, then there is a decline in the level of estrogen and testosterone in the body. The decline in the level of these hormones leads to the decline in the bone formation as well. It thus, makes the bones weak. Therefore, a person should consume a good amount of calorie.

Causes fatigue: There is less production of energy in the body when we consume fewer calories. When you hardly consume any calories, your body is unable to provide you energy. It makes you feel tired more often.

Impacts the fertility as well: Limited consumption of calories also cause the problem of fertility. Female body requires luteinizing hormone and less consumption of calories lead to less production of such hormones. It thus then impacts the fertilising power of the body. (Also read: Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread)

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