What are the probable reasons that leads to redness of eyes

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What are the probable reasons that leads to redness of eyes

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Redness of eyes suggest a lot about your overall health and also about various types of eye infections. There are many reasons because of which the eyes turn red. Thus, sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out what is the most appropriate reason for the bloodshot red eyes. It could either be because of some pollen particle, dust, pollution, seasonal infection or maybe because of some health issues. We must thus, very closely introspect the real cause of the redness in eyes. Irritation, itching, inflammation are some of the common things that go hand in hand with redness of eyes. Redness of eyes happens due to the dilation or inflammation of blood vessels. (Also read: What are the simple home remedies to get rid of itchy eyes)

What turns your eyes red and how we can treat them?

Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol makes the eyes turn red. How? Well, consumption of alcohol makes the blood vessels of the eyes to dilate. This leads to more blood flow to them. The more alcohol you consume, the more your eyes turn red. This redness of eyes is temporary and goes off with time.

Allergy: Allergy due to dust, pollution, soap, detergent, pets etc. causes intensive redness in the eyes. Not just this, it also causes irritation and turns eye into watery one. Our eyes tend to grow more red with scratching and excess touching continuously. This too is temporary and splashing lot of cold water can help to provide relief. (Also read: How To Treat Conjunctivitis At Home)

Pink eye: Conjunctivitis or pink eye is quite communicable and spreads from one person to another. It makes the eye red, watery and itchy at the same time. This happens due to bacterial, viral or due to some allergy. One should properly cover their eyes in order to restrict the spread of infection. One must visit a doctor.

Skipping sleep
What turns your eyes red and how we can treat them
Sleeping for too less time or suffering insomnia is also the probable cause f blood red eyes. Tiredness and stress reflect most on our face and especially on the eyes. Besides this, lack of sleep causes the deprivation of oxygen to the eyes. It thus ultimately leads to make the blood vessel gets inflamed. Besides this, overstressing in front of computer screen also leads to redness of eyes. This is because the eyes remain open for a long period of time which gives no lubrication to the cornea. Thus it causes dryness and itching too in the eyes.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a serious problem in eyes which not only turns eye red but also causes a lot of uneasiness in vision. It damages the optic nerves. Blurred vision, pain and itching in the eyes are some of the probable first few signs of Glaucoma. When there is excessive pressure on the eyes due to the large amount of fluid buildup in the eyes leads to Glaucoma. Thus, must visit your doctor in case of uneasiness in the eyes, as a prolonged state of Glaucoma can cause blindness.

Irritation due to contact lens: Those who wear contact lenses will definitely relate to this. Wearing of contact lenses causes dryness in the eyes and leave them red in colour. Contact lenses restrict the supply of an adequate amount of oxygen to the eyes, thus they go dry and leads to irritation. Besides this, wearing contact lenses for too long, sleeping with contact lenses on the eyes and exposure of eyes with pollution leads to bloodshot red eyes. (Also read: What Are The Easy Eye Exercises To improve Eyesight)

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