What Are The Possible Causes Of Bad Body Odour

What Are The Possible Causes Of Body Odour

As the summer season is here, sweating is inescapable. Heat promotes a lot of sweating and you get bad body odour. Having a bad body odour is a very annoying problem which may make you embarrassed in front of others. Other than that, body odour makes you feel quite untidy and unhygienic. You may take bath multiple times, use soap and deodorants, yet getting relief from bad body odour can be tough sometimes. This happens because your body odour is not just happening because of sweat. There can be other reasons too. Have a look at the following and know about the possible causes of body odour. (Also Read: Amazing Therapies To Get Rid Of Headache)

Fish odour syndrome:
It is a kind of health issue which makes people smell too bad. It does not only happen through sweating but it can make your skin smell too. If your body has a lack of vitamin B2, it may lead you to develop fish odour syndrome. So, you should consult with your doctor about it and get the sufficient B2 vitamin with various foods.

Eating some specific foods:
Some food items like cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, onion can make you smell weird sometimes. These food items have sulfur is some amount. So, if you consume these foods more, the sulfur will come out through your sweat. So, it will make you suffer from bad body odour. (Also Read: Which Natural Stool Softeners You Can Add To Your Diet)

Consumption of alcohol:
When you drink alcohol it spreads through blood in your body. When your digestive system tries to break the alcohol compounds, the smell starts coming through your sweat. So, this makes your sweating smell like an alcohol and sacked. That is why drinking excessive alcohol sometimes leads to skin problems too.

If you suffer from stress, it makes your apocrine gland active. This gland makes your sweating a little thick and less of water. So, this makes body pores to release more of toxins and less of water. Hence, you get a very bad body odour.

Some kind of cloth material:
When you sweat your clothes absorb that water and make you suffer from bad body odour for a longer time. Some clothes like linen, georgette make you sweat more as they make you feel hot and lack of air. So, wearing cotton clothes is the only option to promote less sweating. (Also Read: Healthy Diet To Boost The Blood Circulation In The Body)

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