What Are The Myths About Winter Weather We All Should Stop Believing

What Are The Myths About Winter Weather We All Should Stop Believing

Most of us love winter season. And when the winter comes, the weather becomes pleasant and great to survive easily. As winter stays here for very small times, our body reacts a little bit unusual than other time. Many of us think that winter is the time when the health issues get developed as people fall sick and lazy. But, is this true that the cold weather is responsible for your cold and cough? Have you tried knowing the truth? There are a lot of myths people do believe which makes winter as the culprit. Hence, let us know about few myths and facts about winter weather. (Also Read: What Are The Essential Foods You Should Eat During This Winter)

Myth: We fall sick because of the cold weather:
Fact: However, there is some debate on this topic but still, the must say is, winter is not responsible for losing your immunity. This happens because the humidity dries the mucous and effects of the nasal passage. So, this situation ultimately attracts the viruses easily. The winter weather only effects your nasal passage but when you get the cold and cough, it happens by the viruses.

Myth: Winter is the right time to eat vegetables only:
Fact: It is true that winter can preserve vegetables better because of its chilly weather. But you get fresh and vibrant veggies this time more because it is the right time to harvest many crops and vegetables. Summers heat can make veggies rotten very easily. But in winter these vegetables come out quite good. Moreover, winter is the right time to harvest some amazing and specific vegetables. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Beat Bloating)

You should not try exercising in cold weather:
Fact: Many people say do not prefer exercising in the winter. But, it is a mere myth. You may not know that during winters the cold temperatures, race times are actually faster—and quicker paces burn more calories in less time. Moreover, those harder and faster workouts spike your endorphin levels. Hence, there is no point of skipping exercises this time.

You do not need to use sunscreen in winter:
It is untrue. Sunscreen is something you can not miss is a single day of the entire year. We use sunscreen to get the protection from UV rays of the sun. We do not use it because of the heat of the sun. These UV rays are always present in the Sundays. No matter it is winter or summer. You get tanned because of this UV rays. So, during winter also you have to use sunscreen to prevent your skin from having tanning and burning. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly)

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