What are the myths about tea

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what are the myths about tea

Majority of people start their day with tea or coffee because it tastes good. Tea has many health benefits as it contains antioxidants. These antioxidants can help to slow down ageing and help your cells to repair. Apart from this tea has less caffeine than coffee. The consumption of moderate caffeine provides you many benefits. If you consume tea in an excessive manner then it causes some health-related problem. The problems like a headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, heartburn and dizziness may be erupted due to excessive consumption of tea. However, there are many myths about tea consumption. These myths trigger confusion among people. These myths should be busted. (Also read: What is the importance of iron for the human body)

Let’s know myths and fact about tea:

Myth: Black teas have more caffeine than green and white teas.
Truth: The truth is that all the teas have caffeine as they come from the same plant. The amount of caffeine varies from teat to tea. The amount of caffeine is also depended upon the where and how it’s grown.

Myth: Green tea is the healthiest.
Truth: All the teas have health benefits. But the green tea contains low caffeine and contains a lot of antioxidants because it processed differently as compared to other teas. (Also read: Amazing Health Benefits of Mulberries (Shahtoot))

Myth: Tea doesn’t have an expiration date.
Truth: The tea has a short life as its benefits decreases after six months. After the six months, the antioxidants decrease significantly.

Myth: Tea bags are just as good as a loose tea.
Truth: The tea bags contain lower-quality tea dust while loose teas are higher in the quality. Moreover, the quality of tea depends on the type of leaves and how they are processed.

Myth: Herbal tea is the same as tea.
Truth: The herbal teas are not teas, they are basically Tisanes. The herb teas are made from a flower or from other plants. (Also read: How does coffee help you to poop daily)

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