What are the common myths about germs and the truth

what are the myths about germs

Germs are tiny organisms which can cause health-related problems or diseases. They are so tiny that you need a microscope to see them and germs can creep into the bodies without being even noticed. Moreover, they are present everywhere and they are scary when you look at them through a microscope. They can cause many health-related problems like cold, infections, and digestive problems. There are mainly four types of germs including viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa. However, all the germs are not bad for the body as some of them are beneficial for the body. Ironically, the concept of germs are often misunderstood and many myths are surrounding germs. (Also read: Which is a healthier option for you: Roti or Bread)

Let’s debunk the common myths surrounding germs:

Myth: You can get infections by sitting on public toilet seats.

Truth: In the toilet, the toilet seat is often one of the cleanest things. In the toilets, you pick more germs with the hands. To keep bad germs away from you. You should wash your hands with soap after toilet.

Myth: Hot water cleans best.
what are the myths about germs
Truth: The hot water and cold water washes away the same amount of germs. Make sure, you use soap while washing hand as it cleans more bacteria than water alone. (Also read: What are the benefits of sleeping on an empty stomach)

Myth: An antibiotic will kill the germs that are causing your cold.

Truth: There is no truth in this fact. The most of times reasons behind cold are viruses. The viruses don’t respond to the antibiotics.

Myth: You get food poisoning at a restaurant than in your own home.

Truth: The majority of restaurants are very careful and take precautionary measures. However, at home people don’t give heed to the germs, which might convert to food poisoning.

Myth: Cold weather makes you ill

Truth: The majority of people believed that the cold weather condition makes you ill. The fact is that temperature does not make you ill but the way germs who react to it might. (Also read: Foods that help you fight bacteria and germs)

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