What Are The Myths About Drinking Water Everyone Should Stop Believing

What Are The Myths About Drinking Water Everyone Should Stop Believing

There is nothing new to talk about the benefits of water. Carrying a water bottle everytime is important for everybody. But many of us believe a lot of things regarding drinking water. But are they actually true? Definitely not. Drinking a lot of water is important for every human being but how much? At times you drink water when it is not required. This happens because you also believe in a lot of myth of drinking water and dehydration. Hence, to break these myths, we have come up with some facts regarding drinking water. Have a look. (Also Read: What Are The Lunch Mistakes We All Should Avoid Strictly)

Drinking water helps skin to stay moisturized:
You may have heard that drinking a lot of water can make your skin look glowing and youthful. This is not entirely false, but partly. The amount of water you drink works very less to your skin. Drinking a huge amount of water in order to make the skin glow and hydrated is not a good decision. Water flushes out the toxins from the liver and kidney at first, skincare comes at the last stage.

Coconut water hydrates better than water:
Many people believe that drinking coconut water can be better than drinking normal water. The way water hydrates us, the same way coconut water also does. However, coconut water contains a lot of nutrients than water but when it comes to hydration, normal water is the best option anytime. (Also Read: What Are The Foods Which Fight With Infections Naturally)

Drinking a plenty of water will help you to lose weight:
Drinking a lot of water would not accelerate your weight loss. But the truth is it helps in aiding the process. Water helps in replacing calorie-laden beverages from your diet. This process results in to reduce your overall number of calories. Moreover, water makes your stomach full and for that, it prevents you from your overeating habit. But it does not mean that you stop eating a regular amount of food and decide to lose weight.

Yellow urine is the sign of dehydration:
Yes! yellow urine can be a reason of drinking less water. But not always. If you have dark yellow urine it can be a sign of dehydration. Our kidneys filter all the waste substances and take out water and other useful substances from the blood. By this, the kidneys control the volume and concentration of urine output. Naturally, urine is not colourless. It has a very light yellow. But if anyone is suffering from jaundice or any other kidney related diseases then the urine colour becomes more yellowish as well. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly)

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