What are the mistakes you make while taking care of teeth

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mistakes make taking care teeth

To keep the teeth healthy, it is very important to take care of them, thereby eliminating problems like plaque and cavity which can make the teeth weak. While caring for teeth, people keep repeating many mistakes, which indirectly cause problems related to teeth. Staying away from these mistakes can keep your teeth clean and healthy. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest our body needs help)

Let us know what are the mistakes we repeat while taking care of teeth:

Not paying attention to foodstuffs: To keep teeth away from the cavity one should stay away from sweet food items. Similarly, some foods are needed for their health. Consumption of foods containing calcium, phosphorus and fluorine helps to keep the teeth strong. Dairy products, fruits-vegetables peel, fish, cereals, pulses etc. The required supply of calcium and phosphorus of fluorine can be meet by consuming water.

Not using additional options for cleaning the mouth: No matter how much your toothbrush is, but it is not enough to clean the whole mouth. Even after brush, the food remains hidden in the middle of the teeth, which can become a cavity. With this, the bacteria deposited in the mouth can cause mouth odour. Therefore, the available mouthwash available in the market can be used by the interdental brush (which can clean the teeth). (Also read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Salad After Dinner)

Ignoring the gums: Due to lack sufficient blood circulation in gums, swelling and periodontitis can be a occurred. To avoid this problem, massage the gums daily with the help of a toothbrush or finger.

Only the child can use the dental brace: Many people think that teeth can be straightened and arranged only in childhood, but this is wrong. In fact, the dental brace can be used to align the teeth. There is no problem like cavity or rottenness in the teeth.

Chewing food on one side of the mouth: Chewing foods can also clean the teeth. Many people chew food on one side of the mouth, due to which the teeth on one side are kept clean and the facial muscles on the same side get stronger. On the other hand, the muscles on the other side are weak and the teeth become dirty. (Also read: What Are The Habits That Damaging Your Teeth Unknowingly)

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