What are the major causes of bad breath

What are the causes of bad breath

Most of the people, find remedies to get rid of bad breath. However, none of them tries to figure out the causes of bad breath. There are multiple factors that are causing bad breath. It is too embarrassing to have a foul smell from your mouth during a public gathering or social meetings. It often leads you to an unpleasant situation. No matter how much mouth fresheners and Listerine you consume, that smell is too stubborn to vanish. THus, we all must have a knowledge about the factors that cause bad breath. (Also read: Why staying naked is actually good for your health)

What are the causes of bad breath from the mouth?

Stress: One of the major reasons for bad breath is your intensive state of stress. When you are stressed out, your digestive system is all upset. Your body fails to produce the necessary digestive enzymes for digestion of food. Stress leads to a lot of adrenaline rush in the body thus one should try to avoid stress, in order to get rid of the foul smell from mouth.

Excess alcohol consumption: Excess alcohol consumption leads to the problem of ingestion. It creates a major disturbance in your digestive system. It makes our body dehydrated like whisky causes dryness of mouth. Alcohol even reduces the production of saliva in the mouth, which helps to break down the food into smaller particles. This makes the process of digestion easy. Thus, try to limit your alcohol consumption to avoid the foul smell. (Also read: Why chewing gum is really harmful to your health)

Throat infection: Throat infection leads to the production of any bad breath causing bacteria in the mouth. THese bad breath causing bacteria eventually leads to the production of foul smell.

Food particles: There are certain food products that cause bad breath. These food items have a lot of chemicals that do not wash off with the production of saliva. It keeps the taste and the smell in the mouth until you completely brush off your teeth. Onions, garlic, radish etc. causes bad breath.

Other major body illness: Not just the oral dental health bad breath suggests many health issues as well. Respiratory infection, malfunctioning of kidney and liver, diabetes etc. lead to bad breath. Thus it is important to get the checkup done if your body is showing other signs of this illness. (Also read: Healthy seeds that are beneficial for your health)

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