What Are The Lunch Mistakes We All Should Avoid Strictly

What Are The Lunch Mistakes We ALL Should Avoid Strictly

Doctors say that you should have healthy breakfast and lunch. But we generally skip our breakfast because of the hectic schedule. And eventually, we end up eating a lot in the lunch. The worst part is our body does not get many nutrients on the lunch as we do not care about having green leafs, veggies and all. Hence, we make many of the mistakes during our lunch which harms our health. You may think that you are eating good nutrient food at the lunch, but they actually harm you unknowingly. Thus, let us have a look at these mistakes which we should avoid. (Also Read: What Are The Foods Which Fight With Infections Naturally)

Going out for lunch every day:
Many of us do this mistake. This is the most harmful mistake we are making while having lunch. Restaurant foods often contain a lot of oil and spices which are absolutely harmful to our health. These foods contain additives and other substances which have the potential to harm the body in the long run. Moreover, you do not know how much cleanliness they maintain when cooking these foods. So, going out for lunch every day can make your health worse.

Sitting at the office desk and eating lunch:
Do you know that your office desk contains a lot of germs which you can not even imagine? There are a lot of studies which proved that our office desk contains more germs than a toilet seat. So, if you plan to eat lunch at your office desk you are harming your health. Many small microbes can easily get entered into our health by this. So, avoid this. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly)

Too much garnishing to your food:
When you garnish your food you add a lot of ingredients. This is actually not good for you. When you overdress your food and salads they lose their crunchiness. Not only this, if you try to fry the food items more than it actually is, then it could be unhealthy for you too. By doing this you are losing its goodness.

Having late lunch:
Many of you eat lunch quite late. Maybe because of the meeting, work pressure or completing household works, you get late while doing lunch. So, when you eat lunch late there are higher chances of over-eating and this can lead you to weight gain. Moreover, late eating can slow down your metabolism too. So, strictly avoid it.

Eating late is worse than skipping lunch altogether. Eating late will make you sluggish and more prone to accidents. Also, when you finally make time for lunch after a long gap, there are higher chances of over-eating. Not eating on time will slow down your metabolism. This results in the food being not digested or stored as fat. (Also Read: What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy)

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