What Are The Important Tips To Get Rid Of Constipation Easily

Important Tips To Get Rid Of The Constipation Easily

Constipation is a common digestive problem in which the bowel movements are infrequent. You may find your stool difficult to pass and sometimes even painful. You are suffering from a severe constipation problem if you have less than three bowel movements in a week. You do not completely free your bowels hence, you do not feel fresh inside-out. The problem of constipation is caused when the digested food spends more time in your colon or if your colon absorbs too much water from the digested food. Lack of fibre intake is also the possible reason. However, you can treat the problem of constipation naturally. Please read the important tips to get rid of constipation easily. [Also Read: Healthy Juices To Treat Constipation]

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Intake of less water is the basic cause of constipation. Hence, to get rid of the problem of constipation, you must drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day. Fluids can make the stool soft and easier to pass. Hence, it can ease your bowel movement.

Eat More Fibres:

Intake of more fibre rich foods is essential to treat constipation naturally. There are two types of fibres i.e., soluble fibres and insoluble fibres. Thus, a mixed intake of both the types of fibres can make the stool pass easily. Fibres increase the frequency of bowel movements. Hence, eating foods like whole grains, wheat bran, beans, lentils, peas and nuts.

Drink Coffee:

If you drink coffee, it can help to stimulate your digestive muscles. Coffee also contains soluble fibres which help to reduce the problem of constipation. [Also Read: How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation]

Eat Prebiotic Fibres:

Eating foods which are high in prebiotic fibres can help you a lot with the problem of constipation. Prebiotic food balances the bacteria present in the gut thereby, reducing constipation. Foods like onions, garlic, asparagus and dandelion greens are good to treat constipation.

Opt For Exercise:

Exercise is undoubtedly good for a healthy body. It can also act as a remedy to help you with the constipation problem. If not a heavy workout, you can take a walk regularly.

Thus, opting for all these remedies can help you to reduce the problem of constipation. If not, a doctor’s appointment is advisable.

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