What are the health benefits of water Chestnuts

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what are the health benefits of water chestnuts

There are many fruits available to us which are tasty and provide many health benefits. One of the healthy and delicious fruit is water chestnut. Water chestnut is also known as Singhghada. These nuts are delicious and are beneficial for overall health. There are an adequate amount of nutrients in them which plays an important role in the overall health. The water chestnuts are a good source of minerals like vitamin B6, potassium, copper, riboflavin, magnesium. This fruit grows underwater and has a green peel. You can avail many health benefits by consuming the chestnuts. (Also read: What to do when you have a low acid level in the stomach)

Let us know the health benefits of consuming chestnuts:

Controls blood pressure
There is an adequate amount of potassium in the water chestnuts. Therefore, it ensures proper blood circulation.

Boosts immune system
It contains anti-oxidants such as polyphenol and flavonoid. It also contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Besides this, it helps to keep the body healthy by boosting the immune system. (Also read: What are the main causes of body ache)

Useful for skin
Singhagada is very useful for skin. Because of its anti-bacterial properties, it eliminates the bacteria and relieves the acne. Mix it with lemon and apply it on the face by making a paste, which also helps to heal eczema.

Useful for sleeping
There is vitamin B6 present in the chest that helps to get good sleep. It produces neurotransmitters that boost your mood and help you to get a better sleep.

Useful for hair
Chestnut contains a good amount of water. Potassium and Vitamin B and E are also present in an adequate amount. Therefore, its consumption keeps the hair healthy and hydrates the scalp. (Also read: How to stop biting your nails easily)

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