What are the health benefits of rock sugar

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what are the health benefits of rock sugar

Rock sugar commonly known as (Mishri) is an unrefined form of sugar. It is made from the solution of sugarcane and the sap of the palm tree. The rock sugar is less sweet than refined sugar. It is tastier than traditional sugar. Mishri is used as a substitute for sugar. You can avail many healthy benefits by consuming rock sugar as it contains numerous vitamins, minerals and amino acid. Moreover, the rock sugar also consumed with fennel, which works as a mouth freshener and helps to clean throat. The consumption of rock sugar has many health benefits. (Also read: What are the myth surrounding the vegetarian diet)

Let’s know the health benefits of consuming rock sugar:

Treat a cough and sore throat
Consuming rock sugar candy provide relief from a sore throat and cough. Mishri has essential nutrients to remove the throat swelling. You can also consume rock sugar with black pepper to get rid of a cough and throat problems.

Increases the level of haemoglobin
Deficiency of haemoglobin can lead to many problems like anaemia, dizziness, and yellowing of the skin. Sugar consumption increases the level of haemoglobin and also increases blood circulation. (Also read: What are the reasons behind a swollen or puffy face)

Energy Boosts
The sweet taste of mishri is enough to refresh. After eating food, consuming mishri and fennel give you enough energy and reduce laziness. Therefore, you can eat mishri and fennel after your meals to feel fresh.

Beneficiary for pregnant women
Mishri acts as an anti-depression. Therefore, consuming rock sugar candy is beneficial for mothers who breastfeed their babies as this increases the amount of milk. It is less sweet, so there is no harm in eating it.

Rock sugar also provides relief from the stench of mouth
After consuming sugar mixed with fennel, it is possible to get rid of problems like bad breath. Moreover, sugar candy also improves digestion. (Also read: What are the health benefits of listening to music)

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