What are the health benefits of potassium

what are the health benefits of potassium

The potassium is very important mineral and an electrolyte required by the body to function properly. Potassium helps nerves to function to contract muscles. Moreover, the potassium also keeps heartbeat regular, provide nutrients to cells and also flush waste products out of cells. The potassium is important nutrient which also balances the blood pressure and kidney problems. However, the deficiency of potassium may cause hypokalaemia which includes dehydration, heart palpitation, headaches and other health-related problem. Therefore, consumption of an adequate amount of potassium is necessary. The potassium is easily found in various fruits and vegetables including salmon, milk chicken, banana and almonds. The potassium has many health benefits. (Also read: What things you must never do after eating)

Let’s know about the health benefits consuming potassium:

Improves heart’s health
The potassium plays an important role in maintaining the rhythm of the heartbeat. The deficiency of potassium may slow down your health rate and may cause a stroke or heart attack. Moreover, it also helps kidneys to function smoothly.

Decreases muscle cramps
The adequate consumption of potassium decreases the muscle cramps. The low levels of potassium in the blood affect the contraction of muscles and lead to muscle cramps. If you consume sufficient amount of potassium it improves the strength of muscles. (Also read: How gut bacteria affects your weight)

Boosts Metabolism
The consumption of an adequate amount of potassium also helps to improve the metabolic rate. The potassium also helps in extracting energy from nutrients from the food. Moreover, it also impacts cell growth, tissue regeneration and balance metabolism.

Reduces Anxiety
The consumption of potassium-rich food is beneficial during anxiety. The potassium-rich food acts as a powerful stress buster and improves mental health. Moreover, it also regulates the hormone in the body.

Maintains water balance
The potassium plays a very crucial role in balancing the fluid of the body. The proper water balance for cells is important to function effectively. The consumption of potassium helps in water balance and also optimizes fluid balance. (Also read: What are the essential nutrients to grow taller)

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