What are the health benefits of iodine

what are the health benefits of iodine

An iodine is a non-metallic element which is mostly found in oceans and soil. The iodine plays an important role in metabolism and in the development of nervous system. It is important to consume iodine in an adequate amount for the proper functioning of our body and especially for thyroid glands. The deficiency of iodine causes various health problems like goitre and difficulty in breathing as well swallowing. To avoid the iodine deficiency you need to consume sufficient amount of iodine. Grain products, milk, eggs, seafood, fruits, vegetables and iodized salt are the main sources of iodine. There are many benefits of consuming iodine. (Also read: What to eat in the breakfast that you do not feel hungry till lunch)

Let’s find out the benefits of consuming iodine:

Regulates Metabolism

Iodine helps in the production of hormones, which are involved in the metabolic activity of the body. The iodine also improves absorption of food and subsequently converts it into energy.

Strengthens The Immune System

Iodine is very beneficial to protect your body from diseases. If you consume an adequate amount of iodine then bacteria and viruses can not thrive. The iodine has antioxidants which help to build strong immune system. (Also read: What does your ear reveal about your health)

Regulates Hormones

Iodine is very effective to stop the fluctuation of the hormone. The iodine plays an important role in the functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces and also regulates many hormones in the body.

Keeps your nails strong
what are the health benefits of iodine
The iodine improves the overall condition of the nails and protects them from infection. The adequate consumption of iodine also ensures clear, hard and chip-proof nails.

Beneficial for skin

The iodine is very beneficial to regulate the moisture level of the skin. Moreover, the iodine also keeps a check on the hormones that cause acne. It also delays the signs of ageing by slowing down the formation of wrinkles. (Also read: What are the best sugar-free fruits and vegetables one must eat)

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