What are the health benefits of having soaked nuts and seeds

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What are the health benefits of having socked nuts and seeds

Recently everyone has started paying special attention to what they eat and what they don’t. For a healthy way of living it is important to consume nuts, dry fruits, grains etc. These things are full of anti-oxidant qualities, nutrients, carbohydrates, fatty acid and amino acid etc. This is the reason that they are in demand. They help to improve your external beauty as well as your health. You must have heard that you must soak these things before eating. In case of things like almost, chickpeas, raisins, soybeans etc. It is better to let them soak overnight to get the amazing health benefits. Let’s find out what are the benefits of soaking. (Also read: What things you must never do after eating)

Reduces the risk of the consumption of tannin
Some nuts and seeds contain tannin in their covers. Therefore, it is better to soak the seeds and nuts overnight. It helps to remove the cover easily.

Decreases the chance of phytic acid
Some nuts, seeds and grains contain the phytic acid in their top layer. The consumption of the phytic acid can be really dangerous for the health. It also leads to the deficiency of zinc and iron. Soaking helps to remove the covers and helps to avoid this problem. (Also read: What are the essential nutrients to grow taller)

Remove obstacles in case of enzymes
The enzymes are of two type that is the digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes. Both of them are must for the health. But some nuts and seeds contain harmful enzymes that disrupt the healthy enzymes. Soaking helps to get rid of this problem. It will be better if you use warm water for better results.

Becomes sprouted
The chickpeas, soybean, grains become sprouted in 24 to 48 hours if left soaked in water. Consuming sprouts is really amazing for the health and it helps to control the weight too. It contains vitamin, protein, fibre and calcium. Having sprouts in your daily diet will not only help to maintain a healthy weight but also provide you with nutrition.  (Also read: What are the things you need to cut from your life for better health)

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