What are the health benefits of different kinds of onions

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What are the health benefits of different kinds of onions

Onions are an important part of everyone’s everyday diet. They are often used to add flavour to the dishes, they are distinctive in taste as well as smell. Onions are also used in various kinds of beauty treatments as well. However, not many people know that onions are of various kinds and each provides different kinds of benefits to the consumer. These different kinds of onions have different nutrients and health benefits. It is important to know and understand the benefits of each kind to make the right decision for your health. Let’s find out what are the benefits of different kinds of onions. (Also read: Which everyday things are dirtier than a toilet seat)

Benefits of red onions
The red onions are the most common kind of onion. They have a pungent taste and smell, but they are full of health benefits.

  • Reduces inflammation
    Red onions are full of antioxidants like flavonoid and polyphenol. Which is why the red onions prevent the oxidation of fatty acids and reduced the inflammation of the body.
  • Lowers the blood pressure
    The red onions are also a rich source of chromium (a mineral that helps the tissues). It helps to lower down the blood pressure and it helps the tissue to turn responsive to the insulin. The lack chromium in diet can lead to the risk of diabetes and heart problems.  (Also read: What happens to your body once you quit smoking)

Benefits of White onion
When it comes to preventing your body from diseases the white onion is really wonderful. It contains flavonoid that is amazing in preventing cardiovascular diseases. White onion contains fibre, folic acid, antioxidants and anti-bacterial qualities.

  • It makes your blood thinner
    The white onion contains sulphur and flavonoid that makes your blood thin.
  • Immunity boost
    The white onion is amazing when it comes to boosting your immunity. It also prevents allergic reactions.

Benefits of Spring onion
The spring onion is full of a variety of health benefits that help to keep the body healthy. It contains fibre, vitamin C, D and A. It contains potassium and copper that is wonderful for the body. The spring onion contains fewer calories. Its benefits include:

  • Prevention of cold
    The green spring onion has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that help to fight the cold. It also helps to remove the phlegm from the body.
  • Helps with digestion
    The spring onions are rich in fibre. The same fibre removes the problem of constipation and gives you a healthy bowel movement. (Also read: What are the signs that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress)
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