What are the harmful effects of eating junk food

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What are the harmful effects of eating junk food

Though junk food is a treat to the taste buds, yet they have immense side effects. The junk food is so addictive that it usually asks our body and brain to consume more. Over the period of time, the increased knowledge about different cuisines and junk food has eventually resulted in increased cases of obesity, heart-related problems, diabetes, memory loss etc. According to the studies done by the researchers, consumption of junk food in excess has eventually trapped the lives and well being of children. The more we consume the junk, the less we start taking in nutrients and essential vitamins. Regular consumption of junk food also slows down the process of brain functioning. (Also read: What are the healthy fruits that one should eat everyday)

Listed below are some of the side effects of eating junk food:

Worsen appetite controlling power: Consumption of excess junk food puts brain in dilemma. The brain receives mixed signals that make it difficult for the brain to know, whether the body needs food or not. It might eventually lead to overeating. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the brain, the body requires omega 3 and omega 6 daily. However, any deficiency of the same eventually leads in making the brain weak. It even makes it difficult for the body to digest the food.

Leads to depression: Junk food is high in fats and thus increases the calorie intake as well. We must consider the fact that the functioning of the brain depends on the food we intake. It eventually leads the body and brain fall into the trap of depression and despair. Thus, it becomes incapable for the body to deal with any kind of stress. Losing the right quantity of amino acid from the body also makes the body fall into depression. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of sitting on floor and eating)

Boosts cravings: Consumption of junk food leads to increase the level of blood sugar. It may give temporary satiation but sooner turns you irritable. Very low level of sugar is also not good and leads to anxiety issues and confusion. However, high level of sugar leads to more cravings and more irritation.

Leads to loss of memory: Eating only junk food and craving for more, leads you to lose your memory gradually. There is a sudden inflammation of the brain especially in the (hippocampus part of the brain). There goes a chemical reaction inside the brain which leads to loss of memory. High sugar diet suppresses the functions of the brain known as Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor. It is actually responsible for concentration and memory. (Also read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Protein Deficiency In The Body)

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