What Are The Habits That Damaging Your Teeth Unknowingly

What Are The You Are Damaging Your Teeth Unknowingly

Everybody wants good teeth and a pretty smile. We even care about our teeth in many ways. We brush regularly twice, wash our mouth with a mouth gel, etc. These are all known things that almost everybody looks forward. But you may not know there are a lot of habits which are damaging your teeth gradually. Even few of the good practices are also killing them unknowingly. You may be thinking you are practising good things but those habits are backfiring you without your awareness. So, you should better know about the habits which are ruining your teeth’s health. Have a look at the following:
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Brushing teeth straight after eating:
Do you brush your teeth right after eating? You are doing absolutely wrong with your teeth. You should wait for at least 4-5 minutes after having food. By doing this, you will allow your saliva to get neutralise the low PH in the mouth. We generally get lower PH in the mouth by eating junks by drinking cold drinks. But when you brush right after eating, it would cause erosion and loss of tooth enamel.

Using Strong bristled toothbrush:
If you think that using a strong brush can take out all the germs and the darts from your teeth, you are absolutely wrong. This can harm your gum area and can make them softer which will make the grip of holding your tooth. Always use a medium-soft bristled toothbrush as they will be kinder to your teeth. (Also Read: What Are The Foods Which Fight With Infections Naturally)

Drinking darker drinks:
You may know that cold drinks are not good for your health. If the cold drink is darker in colour then it would be more harmful. This is applicable when it comes to dark drinks too. Light coloured cold drinks, vodka, champagne, white wine are a better option when it comes to teeth care.

Regular snacking:
If you are too much into snacking almost every single time, it is not good for your teeth. You may feel like to munch some snacks which are junky and oily. You can have these but in a limit. Excessive snacking kills your teeth gradually. The oily substances get stuck to your teeth and create cavities. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly)

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