What Are The Foods Which Fight With Infections Naturally

What Are The Foods Fight With Infections Naturally

These days people are quite conscious about their health. They know that the increasing fees of medications can be a huge struggling for the future. That is why a healthy diet is very much important. Until the time you are on a healthy diet and doing regular exercises, you are happy and fit. So, why waste your beautiful life by having the junks and investing a lot of money to the medications. Hence, here we are suggesting you about few foods which can make you fight with the infections naturally. These foods are easily available and maybe you eat them regularly by not knowing the health benefits. Thus, let us start:
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Ginger recovers stomach flu naturally. Stomach flu causes upset stomach, diarrhoea, stomach cramping, nausea, headaches, body aches, mild fever, fatigue and vomiting. So, consuming ginger can be absolutely great for this situation. Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties on a vast level. It is a natural antiviral which fights off the virus causing the flu. You can drink ginger tea 4 times in a day. Other than that, you can boil 1½ cups of water and ginger together and can drink it.

Candida infection is very common. It affects our skin, mouth, urinary tract and vagina. It has symptoms like itching and redness and swelling. To get rid of it, you can try garlic. Garlic too has antibacterial and antibiotic properties that play a key role in the recovery process. You can apply garlic juice or oil on the affected skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it. Other than that, you can chew 2 raw garlic cloves a day. Hope this helps. (Also Read: What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy)

Yoghurt helps in Leukorrhea which affects women mostly. It causes vaginal discharge that may occur in between menstruation cycles. Leukorrhea is often related to hormonal changes in the body, a vaginal infection can also cause this problem. During this problem, yoghurt can help the body well. Moreover, It has vitamin D which stimulates the immune response. So, to treat this infection you can dip a tampon into a plain yoghurt and insert it into the vagina for 2 hours. Do this regularly twice.

Cayenne Pepper:
Sinus infection is the most popular infection amongst almost every age group. This causes a severe headache, nausea and feverish feeling. To treat this, Cayenne Pepper can be the best option. This food boosts immunity, reduces swelling and inflammation, and improves circulation. Hence, you have to mix 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of boiling water and add few ginger slices in it. Drink this for 2 or 3 times in a day. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Beat Bloating )

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