What Are The Foods Responsible To Make You Look Aged

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What Are The Foods That Make You Look Aged

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If you are exposing yourself too much to the Sun, your stress and your lifestyle are provoking you to drink and eat trashes more often, then unknowingly you are hampering your skin.There are few foods which make your skin look older than the actual age. There are many studies which are proving again and again that your diet plan is primarily responsible for your appearance. You might have those foods which are deliberately ageing you day by day. Hence, you need a reality check. If your skin is also appearing aged, then see how often do you consume these following foods? (Also Read: Four Different Types Of Water To Wash Face Properly)

Sweets and sugar:

What Are The Foods The Make Our Skin Older or Aged
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When we consume sweet food more often, our cells become synthesized. The excessive sugar molecules easily bond with body proteins. This process affects the skin collagen. Actually, these proteins are only responsible to make our skin look youthful and healthy. Unfortunately, the sugar intake harms these proteins and makes us look aged. Moreover, sugar damages our teeth. It causes tooth decay and discolouration.


What Are The Foods The Make Our Skin Older or Aged
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When your liver is full of toxins like alcohol, it deliberately effects your skin and entire health. So, if you are addicted to alcohol or usually consume it on regular basis, then there are huge chances exist that you age faster. The sad part is, when the liver builds up with toxins, it becomes difficult to break it down. Hence, your blood circulation hampers and gradually the toxins start flowing through the blood streams. Eventually, our blood becomes impure and generates a lot of skin problems. So, we look older than the actual age. (Also Read: What happens to your body when you quit alcohol)

Salty Foods:

What Are The Foods The Make Our Skin Older or Aged
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If you are prone to add extra salt to your food purposely, you are at the high risk of getting skin problems soon. Too much of sodium can cause water retention and make you feel bloated. Retaining water can make your skin look puffy, especially your eyes. This is enough to make your skin look aged. High salty foods can trigger dehydration and it damages our DNA too. So, these reasons are sufficient for you to understand your salt intake.

Red Meat:

What Are The Foods The Make Our Skin Older or Aged
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Do you know fatty meats generate radicals? Free radicals have one electron instead of two, which is enough to make them unstable and prone to snag electrons from other molecules. Therefore, turning them into unstable cells. Free radicals have the ability to affect the skin as it generates collagen. Red meat does the same with our body and skin. That is why we appeared older in front of the mirror. (Also Read: Why You Should Not Eat Fish During Monsoon)

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