What are the foods one should eat to prevent stretch marks

What are the foods one should eat to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks are the most annoying marks on the skin which are hard to remove. Stretch marks appear on the skin due to excess weight gain or excessive weight loss. The skin becomes loose and forms stretch marks on it. When the body stretches to the max level, it tends to show up the stretch marks. Besides this, there are many other reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Be it male or female stretch marks are complained by all. It has been studied that genetics and hormonal changes too are one of the important cause of stretch marks on the skin. There are certain food products which help the body in preventing the stretch marks. (Also read: What are the various reasons for pain in your lower back)

Here are some of the food products one should eat in order to give up the stretch marks:

Taking a random diet or applying body lotion will not help you to prevent stretch marks. You must follow a strict diet and increase your intake of vitamins and minerals in order to get rid of stretch marks on the skin.

Increase your intake of vitamin E products: Handful of nuts that includes almonds, peanuts, walnuts are necessary for the body. One must eat these nuts daily to nourish their body. Besides this, include, tomatoes, peanut butter, corns etc. in your diet. Tomato is one of the best food choices to protect your skin from getting damaged.

Include vitamin A in your diet: One should eat enough green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, pumpkin, apricots, tuna fish etc. in your diet. This is rich in vitamin A and helps in the repairing of the damaged skin cells. Vitamin A helps to keep the skin firm and prevents the skin from damaging further. (Also read: What are the major causes of bad breath)

Increase your intake of vitamin C: Many fruits are rich in Vitamin C. So increase your intake of orange, grapes, strawberry, lemon, guava etc. You should also eat broccoli and chilli peppers etc. to repair your skin cells. It also helps to produce new healthy skin cells.

Besides this, drink as much water as you can to prevent stretch marks from your skin. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and give up the dryness from the skin. So drink plenty of water. In case you can’t drink plain water, you can drink a flavoured drink. (Also read: Why staying naked is actually good for your health)

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