What are the foods one should avoid for healthy and strong teeth

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What are the foods to avoid for healthy and strong teeth

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Healthy and strong teeth are desired by everyone. The idea of visiting a dentist scares people. A toothache is one of the annoying states. The pain is so intense and severe that it is almost impossible to tolerate it. We need teeth to eat everything, thus they have to be strong and healthy. Bleeding gums, tooth ache, bad breath, sensitivity in teeth etc. are some of the most common problems that people usually suffer from. Besides brushing your teeth twice a day, you should adopt some healthy practices in order to avoid a toothache. There are certain foods that deteriorate the condition of teeth, making it even worse than before. (Also read: What are the side effects of drinking excess water)

Here are some of the foods which one should avoid in order to have healthy and strong teeth:

Excess of tea or coffee: Excessive consumption of tea or coffee leaves stain marks on the teeth. In order to have good and strong teeth, one should not consume more than one or two cups of tea. The sugar present in tea or coffee destroys the teeth completely as it dorms bacteria. However, the acid present in these beverages also affects the upper coating(enamel) of the teeth. So try to avoid the consumption of tea or coffee as much as you can.

Pickles: Pickles contain vinegar which turns into acid. This acid is extremely harmful to teeth. Try to avoid the consumption of pickles as much as you can. Also, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth well in order to avoid any damage to your teeth. (Also read: Why do you feel thirsty all the time)

Citrus fruits: Being rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits are helpful for the body in a way. However, excess consumption of these fruits destroy the upper layer of the teeth(enamel) and make the teeth unattractive and weak. Citric fruits are acidic in nature and make the teeth yellow in colour. Always rinse your mouth thoroughly after the consumption of these fruits.

Sugary drinks: Sugary and aerated drinks are acidic in nature. They are extremely harmful to the teeth. They contain citric acid, phosphorus and sugar which makes the teeth weak and also destroys the enamel of the teeth. So try to avoid these carbonated drinks.

Wine: Though drinking wine in a proportionate manner is good for health. But heavy drinking leads to cancer. Wine, especially leaves stain marks on the teeth, making them unattractive and cause discolouration. Wine usually leaves the mouth dry and destroys the gums. It eventually leads to mouth cancer. So wash your mouth with plain water after you drink a glass of wine. Or try to drink plain water to neutralise the effect. (Also read: Health benefits of liquid egg white)

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