What Are The Food Items Which You Should Never Combine With Milk

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What Are The Food Items Which You Should Never Combine With Milk

The food is our basis of living. Hence, as per the traditional Ayurveda culture, we all follow various principles while eating. Each food has a various set of nutrients and properties. Thus, their ability to digest also varies. There are various food principles we follow like: not eating ice cream at night, resistance to the stale food, not consuming yoghurt with fish and so on. Similarly, to treat our body right there are various food items which we should never combine with milk as the outcomes can be dreadful. Therefore, please read below about the food items which you should never combine with milk. [Also Read: What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism]

Milk and Banana:

Milk is one such product which has all the vital nutrients available in it and has a cooling effect on the body. Whereas, fruits like banana, oranges and strawberries produce a heating effect on the body. When you combine these two items the opposite properties can quench the digestive fire. Moreover, it creates heaviness in the body.

Fish and Milk:

The combination of fish and milk can cause you food poisoning. The consumption of fish and milk together can cause toxins in the body and it may even result in skin rashes or other skin problems. [Also Read: Why It Is Harmful To Drink Water From The Plastic Bottles]

Salt and Milk:

Adding milk to your dishes to make them rich and flavoursome may be delicious but it causes great harm to your body. The results may not be sudden but it can be threatening for the long run. The calcium ions in the milk get broken with the salt hence, causing to curdling.

Milk and Meat:

Milk is extremely high in proteins and other nutrients and so is the case with meat. The milk and meat both being high in Proteins can upset the digestive process.

Therefore, to stay healthy and fit, you should never ever try to mix these food items with milk as they cause severe side effects. [Also Read: How many grams of fat should be consumed daily]

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