What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism

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What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism

People often feel jealous of the ones who can eat anything that they want and still manage to look thin. The secret to that is all about the metabolism rate. Metabolism is about two main things Catabolism and burning the calories. Catabolism simply means breaking the chemical bonds to gain the energy. A fast metabolism rate is something everyone desires. Therefore, it is important to know what are the mistakes that can slow down your metabolism. So, that you can avoid them and turn up your metabolism rate higher and faster. (Also read: What are the things you should never order in a restaurant)

Unhealthy weight loss ways
To put it simply, many people believe that not eating well is a way to lose weight. However, if you lower down your calorie consumption to an extreme then your body will have trouble with excreting energy. As a result, the metabolism rate slows down.

Cutting down carbohydrates from your diet
Some diet plans try to remove the carbohydrate from the diet. Due to this, the glycogen levels in the body dips. As a result, the body can’t function properly and starts conserving energy. This attempt to save the energy takes a toll on the metabolism rate.  (Also read: What are the things that you should never add to your coffee)

Not getting enough sleep
Sleeping is really important to keep your body healthy and happy. When you miss out on the sleeping you affect your metabolism rate as well. According to a study, these two things are connected. So, it is better to sleep well.

Stress affects every part of your body. According to a study, stress has a negative impact on the metabolism rate. Stressed people have a hard time burning the calories.

Sugar based drinks
Nothing good ever comes out of consuming sugar-based drinks. These sugar-based drinks might appear harmless but in fact, all they have is a harmful dose of sugar that can destroy your metabolism. (Also read: What are the unhealthy habits you should avoid in your 20)

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