What are the everyday habits that are extremely harmful for teeth

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What are the everyday habits that are extremely harmful for teeth

Unhealthy eating habits and inappropriate lifestyle can destroy your teeth. There are certain habits in almost every individual which makes their teeth lose the shine and become weak. However, continuing such unhealthy habits make a person lose their teeth before time. Brushing too hard or over brushing your teeth, excessive alcohol consumption or eating too much of citrus fruits are some of the most common practices that worsen the health of the teeth. Usually, the enamel of the teeth gets spoiled and leads to unhealthy teeth. Thus, one should take a proper care of what they eat and the habits that are destroying their white shiny pearls! (Also read: What are the foods one should avoid for healthy and strong teeth)

Here are some of the unhealthy habits that are harmful to the teeth:

Sucking thumb: Many children have the habit of sucking their thumb. This usually spoils the shape and the structure of their permanent teeth. It even spoils their jaw-line making it look worst. Thus, we must make sure that our children do not have this unhealthy habit of sucking thumbs. This also leads to the intake of germs through the mouth.

Excess consumption of lemons: Lemons are acidic in nature. They tend to erode the upper layer of the teeth. The acid they contain spoils the overall health of the teeth. (Also read: What Are The Multipurpose Usage Of Lemon Peels)

Brushing teeth too hard: Brushing your teeth too hard brings no good to your teeth. It destroys the upper layer of the teeth and causes cavity as well. However, one should brush your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush to avoid any damage to the gums and the teeth.

Crunching too much ice: The habit of crunching ice seems harmless to many people. However, this is one of the most damage causing practice. It makes your teeth sensitive and causes irritation in the gums. Gradually your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold things.

Pricking teeth with pin or pencil: The habit of pricking teeth with objects like pins, pencil, pen etc. is the worst of all. It usually causes spacing between the teeth and leads to cavity thereafter. It may lead to breaking some part of the teeth.

Sipping too much soda drinks: Excess consumption of soda drinks leads to bad breath and cavities in teeth. These drinks contain added sugar and flavours which spoil the outer layer of the teeth and causes erosion, It also makes the mouth a breeding place for bacteria. (Also read: Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health)

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