What are the effects of the second hand smoke or passive smoking

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What are the effects of the second hand smoke or passive smoking

People are often advice against smoking in general. everyone knows that no good can ever come out of smoking. However, there are people who end up bearing the burn of someone else’s smoking routine. These people are passive smokers. As the name suggests the passive smoking is inhaling the second-hand smoke when you are around a smoker. The smoke is really bad for your health and if you are in an environment where you have to stay in a company of smokers then you must be really careful. The side effects of passive smoking as equally bad as that of smoking. (Also read: What to do if you have consumed too much salt)

Risk of heart problems
The passive smoking can lead to plenty of problems, one of the key impacts is on the heart. The passive smoking has a negative impact on your cardiovascular health. The smoke leads to the accumulation of cortisol in the veins of the heart. This leads to grave health risks.

Bad for little childern
Unlike adults, the immune system of the childern is not that strong so they are more at risk of the passive smoking. Their lungs can face serious issues and they can face the problems of asthma, infection, cough etc.  (Also read: How to improve the quality of your sleep as you age)

Affects your lungs in the worst way
The passive smoke or the second-hand smoke is really bad for the lungs as it can possibly lead to serious health problems, allergies and infection. It damages your lungs as you end up taking in the harmful smoke.

Risk of miscarriage
The biggest impact and the most harmful one is visible on the health of a pregnant woman. The passive smoking can lead to premature birth according to a study. It is really dangerous for an expecting mother to be around smoke.

So, instead of just focusing on the smoking habits, one should pay attention to the second-hand smoke as well. (Also read: What are the strange things that can send you to the hospital)

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