What are the different body odours you must never ignore

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What are the different body odours you must never ignore

It is perfectly natural to stink after a workout or any sort of hard work. Workout or similar job leads to sweating and that leads to body odour. The body odour’s presence is natural in certain body parts such as armpits, chest hair or public area. However, there are some body odours that are simply a form of warming sign about the health problems that your body is possibly undergoing. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take the problem of distinctive body odour seriously and instead of covering it up you must find the plausible reason for it. (Also read: How to drain the lymphatic fluids from your body)

Stinky Mouth breath

What are the body odours you must never ignore
When you wake up in the morning then it pretty common to have a foul smell coming out of your mouth. However, once you brush and floss, then smell is gone. The problem begins when the smell doesn’t go away. There can plenty of reasons for it like dryness of the mouth. When your mouth is dry it doesn’t create enough salvia to mix with the food particle. As a result, the food items stay for long in the mouth, leading to the smell. It can also be because of infection in gums or mouth.

Fruity smelling breath
This is not really a foul odour, it is caused by Diabetic ketoacidosis. It is a problem related to diabetes, during which the insulin level drop. This leads to a fruity or smell when you breathe.  (Also read: How to turn poop into a great one every day)

Foul smell from the urine
If you are experiencing a weird and foul smell when you are urinating then you might possibly have urinary tract infection. There are other symptoms that accompany this problem like fever, feeling cold, burning sensation when you pee etc.

Fish-like smell from vagina
Often women experience vaginal odour and it all depends on various causes. However, if your experiencing a fish like the smell from your vagina then it can be due to Bacterial vaginosis. It simply means there is a disturbance in the balance of the bacterias.

Stinky feet
The problem of stinky feet is quite common. However, it the problem is not going away then it can be due to fungal infection.  (Also read: What are the causes of a foul-smelling belly button)

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