What are the daily habits that increase the risk of common cold

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What everyday habits can increase the risk of catching the common cold

Some people suffer from the common cold on a regular basis. Though this problem is mostly harmless, it can be really a nuisance in everyday life. There are few mistakes that we make every day that can worsen the condition of the common cold. The common cold is caused by the presence of the microbes in air and food. In most cases, antibiotic treatments and home remedies can help to fight the common cold. However, it is important to remember that prevention is certainly better than any cure. So, what are the mistakes that you are making every day that increases your chances of catching a common cold? (Also read: Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you)

Not washing your hands
Every day your hands touch a million of places, all these places are full of germs and bacterias. If you have a habit of skipping the hand wash then you have simply inviting microbes. To get rid of the microbes remember to wash your hand regularly.

Skipping Exercise
Exercise is important to keep your body fit and healthy. When you skip exercising you harm your immune system. This makes it easy for the microbes to attack your body. (Also read:  Why the use of excessive hand sanitizer actually bad for health)

Cold feet problem
It is important to keep your feet warm. Keep your feet enveloped in socks. If you keep your feet exposed to cold weather, eventually it has an impact on your overall health.

Biting your nails
People who have a habit of biting nails are more prone to bacteria and germ attack. When you bite your nails, you also consume the germs in it. As a result, we promote the chances of catching a common cold.

Unhealthy diet routine
Your diet plays an important part in your health. Most of us are guilty of gulping down junk food items instead of opting for a healthy eating option. It is important to eat a balanced diet if you want strong immunity.  (Also read: Four important things one should do every day to maintain personal hygiene)

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