What Are The Common Washroom Mistakes You Are Making Unknowingly

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What Are The Common Washroom Mistakes You Are Making Unknowingly

We everyday go to the washroom several times. Each and everyone has different habits of using a washroom keeping the different countries in mind. For examples, Indians use water while cleaning the anus but people in the US always prefer a dry washroom and they use toilet paper for the same. You may believe it or not, we all have many habits which are actually not right when it comes to use a bathroom or washroom.You may think that what you are doing is right but unknowingly you are harming your body. Not believing? Let us have a look at the following mistakes people make during washrooms and relate how many of them you commit you make every day. (Also Read: Why Cleaning Your Poop With Water Is Better Than Wiping It With Tissue Paper)

Overwiping your intimate organs:
When comes to wiping, you become aggressive. Overwiping your intimate organs with toilet papers can be extremely harmful. Your intimate area is super sensitive and you can not over wipe them. This may cause small cuts on the skin which can lead to inflammation or infection.

Going to the washroom with your phone:
Many people prefer taking their mobile phone along with them to the washroom. This may sound creepy but using a mobile phone while pooping can be extremely unhygienic for you. Any toilet seat contains a lot of bacteria and fungus which can be stick to your mobile. When you use the mobile phone again the infections get transmitted to your body. So, for your own hygiene, you should not use a mobile phone to the toilet. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Kissing)

Using air dryer:
We use air dryers almost every time to dry out hands. But it is harmful to our health. Jet air dryers can spread almost more than 20 times than a paper wiper. Not only this, if you even use an air blower to dry your hands, that also seems a bit failure because this air blower can carry out bacterias almost 15 minutes after using the same.

Cleaning too much down there:
Just because there are products which make your vagina smell like rose and other fragrances, it does not mean you start using them. These odour killing products can be harmful to the most sensitive area of your body. Not only this, using a cleaning product while cleaning your vagina from inside out could be harmful too. This as applicable to men also. Your private parts only need simple mild liquid and water to clean it. Other than that, there is nothing extra you should even try. (Also Read: What Are The Myths About Winter Weather We All Should Stop Believing)

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