What are the common myths about eyes

what are the common myths about eyes

When it comes to eye care then it is very important to separate yourself from fiction and myths. The fiction and myths always cause a problem for the eyes or any other part of the body. Eyes are an important organ of the body and they need very gentle treatment as well as caring. Any mistakes can lead to trouble like poor eyesight and others. You have to be extra careful when it comes to caring for the eyes. Moreover, the caring of eyes is surrounded by the various myths that should be debunked for the betterment of eyes. (Also read: Simple tricks to wake up early in the morning)

Let’s know about myths about eyes that should be debunked:

Myth: You must not open your eyes underwater.

Fact: It depends upon on the water. If you are swimming in the fresh water then it is safe to open your eyes. If you are swimming in a poll then it can be dangerous to open your eyes because the chlorine is used for cleaning poll water. So, it is better to keep your eyes closed or wear water-protecting glasses.

Myth: Glasses makes the situation worst
Fact: Scores of people believe that some glasses are a sign that you have lost a battle with poor eyesight. The fact is that glasses are not an exercise or medicine but a toll which aid your eyesight. (Also read: What things you must never do when you are eating)

Myth: It is dangerous to wear someone else’s glasses
Fact: Your eyesight will not be affected if you wear someone else’s glasses. However, if you wear them for long hours then it can lead to different disorders.

Myth: Reading in the dark will weaken your eyesight
Fact: Reading in the dark will not affect your eyes. If you read in dark then your eyes may feel the strain and will cause a headache but it will not weaken your eyes. (Also read: What foods and drinks you must avoid while dealing with a hangover)

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